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Where Should I Practice?

Parkour is generally known for being practiced in a natural, outdoor environment. This means you can use pretty much anything you see, though I’d avoid monkey around with other people’s expensive cars and your grandma’s sofa. What if, though, you’re a beginner like me and you don’t want anyone to see you? What if it’s cold outside or slippery and wet? Where can you practice? Continue reading

Improving Your Balance

From day one, it was pretty clear that balance is key to being successful at parkour. It’s also key to being successful at, say, walking, so most people do have some degree of proficiency from the get go. Parkour offers a way to upgrade those balancing skills to help us in daily life as well as in the practice. Continue reading

The Cat Balance

I just tried out my first cat balance. First impression: I am not a cat.

Cats gracefully walk across poles and narrow ledges, one foot in front of the other, without making a sound. I strive to be this way. Cats also puke in your bed. I do not strive to achieve that. I do strive to achieve surviving if I have to crawl across the top of a fence with hungry zombies pawing at either side of me. Continue reading