Girls Only Classes

Parkour Ways just started offering Girls Only classes, which I’m really excited about. Normally, I’m not big on segregation of the genders because I feel like women can do the same things men can do. I like that CrossFit is an integrated community and that I can partner with a guy in my class just as easily as a woman. However, my experiences thus far with the Parkour classes have been more positive in the girls only classes, of which I have taken three so far.

The indoor classroom.

The indoor classroom.

Here’s why:

  • Women seem to be a little methodical and ask questions during the class. This clarifies things for me because they often ask things I don’t think of.
  • Women have different body types, which sometimes require different styles of movement. For instance, I was having trouble getting my feet up onto the box. I wondered if that was because of my hips. I was able to ask that during class and get feedback from a female assistant coach that helped me a lot.
  • The environment seems a little more easy going. Don’t get me wrong; men are easy going, too, but in the classes I’ve attended with guys, it seems like there’s a little bit more of the ego getting into the jumps and movements than there should be. Guys will show up with a friend or two and I’ve personally witnessed brand new students trying to leap from rail to rail with a look of grim determination on their faces followed by a quick slip down to their asses. The women seem less competitive.
  • The classes are a little smaller because there aren’t as many women that do parkour as men.
  • Men seem to go for things quicker while women are a bit more reserved. We worry more about hurting ourselves (or, at the very least, we show our worry more. Here’s a great article on women and fear in parkour from

I think more women should get involved in the discipline and I feel like a girls only class offers a safer environment for that to happen. Sometimes women feel more comfortable working out  with only other women. There is a reason places like “Slim and Tone” and “Curves” exist, and I’m glad that our school offers that option.

There are also girls only Parkour Jams that happen once a month, at least during the warmer months. If you’re a woman and you want to try Parkour, I highly recommend seeking out an all women’s class. It may give you the extra boost of confidence you need to get in there and take up this awesome practice.


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