About Me

Alana Grelyak Head Shot Outdoor web

Photo by John Boehm

I’m a thirty-something woman who was drawn to the challenge of parkour. I was never an athletic kid. In fact, I was a musician with hyper-flexible joints and I was the anti-athlete if there ever was one. Going into my thirties, I decided that I wanted fitness to be something I maintained, not an uphill battle for the rest of my life. I got myself into shape and the last several years have been not only about maintaining that level of fitness but about bringing myself to new levels that I’ve never achieved before. After two years of CrossFit, I decided to join Parkour as a way to accomplish things physically that I’d never tried before. I wanted to do something that scared me and challenged me and Parkour did both.

I am not great at parkour. I am a beginner. I am a student. I am learning and studying and sharing the things I learn for myself here on the blog.


Alana is a writer, actress, and musician living in Chicago, IL. She is an avid CrossFitter and beginner traceuse. You can also find her writing about special needs pet adoption at CatInTheFridge.com and see her starring in the CATastrophes web series at http://youtube.com/catcatastrophes.

She studies parkour at Parkour Ways in Chicago, IL.



***DISCLAIMER: Seriously, Alana is a beginner traceuse. She assumes no liability for anything you might see or read here that leads or might lead to your injury. Please practice parkour at your own risk. ***